There's a lot of spins to make

There's another drive to do


And the lost weekends again

The stock phrases we once used


Before ... you

(There's a rarer thing than air ... your CO2)


There's a harder thing than hate

There are hidden treasures too


There is springtime in the air

Every morning something's new


There's a rarer thing than air

There is so much left to do



Don't care to touch you

You may break

Frightened to hold you

I am scared ...


... of your delicacy


Don't want to use you

It's a chance

Time have not cracked your

Natural taste ...


... and your delicacy


You're my babylon plate in no glass case ...



3.6.5 days for a turn, nature's not so precise

Where's the cast ?

Right verse: lunar month or a day, rotational motion

Here's the waltz, the right ...


To adore

And I will adore

Along the times


Human celebrations and gifts would prefer the seconds

Here's the ground

Better our own rythm could be breath or kissin' time

Inner line - inside



Dandy, oui, dandinons

Dans dix, non, dans cent

Ans, dînons ensemble


J'attends et je tends

A la confusion

Des sens


Une approche éternelle (La, la, la ...)

Indécision formelle (La, la, la ...)


Séduit, séduisant

Succé, damnant

Succédané du temps

Hâtise: en-nemi des bâtiments


Frustrations - étincelles

Illusion conceptuelle



Il en est des présages

Comme des fleurs sauvages

Semées au gré du vent


Foison de paysages

Illusoires habillages

Je n'en ai pas vu tant


Il en est des messages

Où il n'est pas souhaitable

De chercher à comprendre


Périssables avant l'âge

Autant de beaux naufrages

De légendes à répandre


Et il en est tant d'âmes

Comme de ces petites fables

Où la morale triomphe


Des idées d'un autre âge

Humant bon le saccage

L'excentricité ronfle


Gravis sont les étages

Sans vertiges ni ambages

Le seul risque est

De tomber de plus haut



We're so close to meet you

So close to love

We're so close to bite you

We're part of your bed

We're here to sing to you

Songs of love

Tender lullaby

When you lie


Close your eyes

It's our part

Mattress time

We feel fine



It seems we're right from the start

It seems we're right for the stars

There is no one more to relied on every unleashed memories


And we won't count all along

And no one gave the signal

There was no need because it always seemed to be so easy


You are refreshing me

You are so pure

You are a delight to me

You are Life.