I know that what you always wanted to be

Twisted your mind and couldn't set you free

Now what you expect is to leave and quite

Your misery in which you included me


And watch the sky and fly so high

That you can even touch the clouds

And all the angels nearby


After all you deserve like the others to be served

What you were was always verse

Not duplicity ...




She liked the band today

I liked it too but they

Don't have same rays of light

That are dancin' in town

They don't have the same name

That makes O2 seems grey


It was the nineth of 'ninety-eight

(cool eyes, little nose, put your hands in my pant)

On this cold november day





... and I watched the leaves fall down ...


What a nice artificial tree

We prepare

What a sweet color

We sticked on ...





Once a time a girl, her nickname was 'the reach'

Many years from now, it's something we could teach

Time has passed and now, not the same " bitch "

Her face is showing time, it shows us it's a ditch


A thing or two 'bout you still live

A thing or two


Was it lost or used ?

Is it pain ?


I know a thing or two ...


There's something that stands

Through the years that you spent

It's a smile and a brain with the pictures of sand


There's ...

... just one thing or two that you keep in your hand






On top of the world with your thorns (crowns) and jewels

Or deep in the hole, as they tread the fools.

Eighty or twelve, always reddening faces,

As you cross the street, shyly say your name.


A step forward, it's the world progressing,

A deep hard sight, it's the world that is waiting,

A hanging lock, half the world's questionning,

As it's replaced, the other half's answering.


In your oak's case

We will never forget

How long we have waited




Cool time is coming

The end of the day's rising

Heads explode on the floor


Doors are wide opened

The eyes are turning

The end is ringing at my door


I care ... 'bout alcohol

And drugs we have to bring


Burnt brains are singing

While the edge dances on swing

TV's crashed down on the street




No one's zorro

No one left

No regards left

No one but grave

No one's monster

No one's beauty

No one's wonderwoman

No one lives


No one is really hoping

No one is really whispering