Dr. Shane Brown



Give an instance

For all

Just an attempt

For those ...

... who bury alive their friends and ennemies

Of normality, technology, modernity, morality, equality

And then ...


Here's a present

For all

Hided poison

For those ...

... who bury alive ...


Will you spit it out

Oder split and fall




15 was the number of pain

50 will be the time for rage

31 and I will lose my brain

And I'll be glad to say ...



22 and I'll be dancing on the grave

100 times until no one care

69 and I will lose my head

And I'll be glad to say ...






Sitting there in a dark cold place,

Just thinking about your ugly face,

Still wanting to put my fist in you,

Cos' I've never been so far from you.


Smelly butt, bad morning breath,

I couldn't bare your bloody days.


Now that I don't believe in anything,

Just waiting for my brand new spring,

I forgot to forget my blue,

Cos' I've never been so far from you.


No one make my heart beats

And now it's like concrete


Here I stand with memories

Still fighting my fear, pretending you're near

Try to understand your fear,

Just try to understand you're here

You're here ... 



I've came so far from beauty

Let so much behind

No patience, unsteady

It's how to feel unkind


So it came on to rain

Got drenched except the eyes

Better jump off the train

The life before the eyes


- Come a long way from here -


To come back to what I was saying

It's no intentional

You have to see the lady

That's surely all her fault


I tried to come apart

To know but not to claim

I tried to be a part

But I came so far in vain


- I've came so far for beauty -



Tainted leaf, then the paste

Mixed ingredients, smell ...

... the solvency, identity


Instant change for the state

To retire into one's shell

... paternity, no guarantee


Flying spoon, entertain

Openned heart, closed attempt

... infinity of families


Sound to sell, out of date

Catch the train of happy end

... insanity, celebrity



Hey, you have lost a coin from your pant's hole

Hey, you should mend it before you lose all


And soon you will have to count your loss


Hey, you will let fall some pieces of brain

Hey, you will say you have always been framed


And soon ...


Hey, you have lost your wife on the thin line

Hey, you have even forgotten to feel fine


And soon ...


You are losing the lines on your face ...