Dr. Shane Brown




Ouh boy, this is not gonna be pretty



For the time happy, for you, little slut


Innocence is rising high, just look around, the facts of life

It seems that we are all forgetting the bestial rites


Smiling, cheesing, begging salt, oh thanks, oh yeah

I think it's nice

To give the life is always meaning sexual times


But I like her and I hate her

Don't you think that she is fatter

Than the last time that I saw her

What a shame


So givin' up and give it back

Do what I say, heart's on the back

Please take my bag

It always seems to be much stronger



Our gas' hurling through the pipes, here's the cavalry


I don't want to bother you, my friend

I don't want to hold you


Our' gas rushing through the eyes, here's the poetry


And we are gonna change a lot and arrest

The waves that are covering lower parts of pants

And we are gonna change a lot and arrest

The little leaks



We're in the suburbs

Movin' round and round again

Movin' all around the game

The replay case

Yes I'll be there


We're in the suburbs

I'm not so sure of the name

Not so much proud of the fame

We've put it under

And I'll be there


Farniente y Fandango

Fado, hey, hasta luego

All the way to San Diego

Would you be there ?


We're in the suburbs

Rollin' on and on again

We're so serious that we plan

To eat a "kinder" (TM)

Would you be there ?



Feel so alone wearing no crown

Well I'm just a shit and that's how you treat me

Drinkin' the booze and that's how I lose you

I want to be in you


Too tired to hold on

Fed off being alone


No more pictures to hate

Your cold true face's just gone away

Weakness for those who try to fake

I am urgently dead and they say "I am loaded !"

But I am not

You got me blinded


I'm getting closer from what you'll soonely

Sting like a bee

Would you stand to be like me

Facing reality as you thought it might be

Sad, not me, adore what you wouldn't agree



Away signals

Come and get it

Over heads

Penetrate in



And the things, sure, has been dying

Sugar tied away

And the leaves have been pouring

I'm dumb and cast away


All along with no hiding

The laughs behind a race

In the sun we're still roasting


And the crash car

Behind has not even reached my ears

The sound of the rays

Has covered it, a shield

It's colder ...


And the days, sure, have been dying

Slowly we erase

Pick out what's worth remembering

Rearranging the dance



And the silence is getting louder

The insects on the floor

Shake their legs higher and higher

Reach my face at every move


Tiny pillar

Growing more



From the foot of the carpet here

To the highs of the tarnished ceiling

Still they're comin' from the galleries

From my ears and my ass hole deeply


Narrow contacts

Everybody's cheesing

For the photograph

Bright light turns to black


This is the glory boulevard

This is what we're attempting


Bidding a dime

Selling the time - for passing

Sparing no pains no under'lying causes

Bet on a horse

Throwing the dice - loaded

Giving a kick to idiotic poses


Bright black is new

To dead bodies

And every move to carpet here

Silence from foot

Tarnished ceiling

Ears and ass

Cheesing all is new ...



In a hurry

Broken brakes

An agent

In the confidence

Of the story

We wrote

Your big age


Your honors


The splendours



I found out

What is coming

An urgent fire

Ex-change / Coming next



The lights on

Warmer and harder

The folks on

Either and others


It's the blood on their hands

See the bone from their eyes

It's the head on the hands

It's the blood from their eyes



If you were living in - such a country

Are you really thinking in - axiomatic ideas

These economical means - are forgetting

Research is always leading - to something


Alienation, I know the conclusion


Get gift for kids, get gift for kids



Sally, Sally, only your soul

Hell is only, only your road, your worry home